Turn Your Talent into Leaders with The Nelius Strategy LLC

The Nelius Strategy LLC is passionate about enhancing individuals, teams and overall organizations through its Human Resource Development (HRD) and Human Resource Management (HRM) strategies. Our strategy applies knowledge, experience, productivity, and profitability for all stakeholders to get results.

For Business

Whether you have learning, leadership and training to deploy; The Nelius Strategy has an abundance of resources to meet most training and development needs.

For Educators

A rejuvenating process featuring analysis, program enhancements, curriculum development and feedback. We will connect the dots together.

For Certification

Become a certified professional in Everything DiSC or The Five Behaviors by Wiley Brand with The Nelius Strategy. Collaborate with us to build a DiSC Culture for your teams.

Cornelius Dowdell
Chief Strategy Officer

Cornelius “Neil” Dowdell

Cornelius is renowned for his ability to develop potential leaders, streamline operational processes and create value within organizations. He believes that we all have inspired strengths and gifts that we should maximize in our life’s work.